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Cina. Kontrordine Kompagni. I cinesi sono gente santa, morigerata, cui nulla può essere imputato.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


Xinjiang 001

È davvero molto dura la vita di quanti abbiano buona memoria.

Stiamo vivendo tempi in rapidissima evoluzione, dove il nuovo è quasi invariabilmente l’opposto del vecchio. Rinfreschiamoci la memoria.

U.S. Says China’s Repression of Uighurs Is ‘Genocide’. The New York Times.

China’s Oppression of Muslims in Xinjiang, Explained. The New York Times.

US renews China ‘genocide’ claims over Uyghur treatment. Deutsche Welle.

The US says China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs. Here’s some of the most chilling evidence. Usa Today.

US: China ‘committed genocide against Uighurs’. Bbc.

U.S., allies announce sanctions on China over Uyghur ‘genocide’. Politico.

U.S. State Department Confirms The Finding Of The Uyghur Genocide, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Denies Yet Again. Forbes.

U.S., UK, Germany clash with China at U.N. over Xinjiang. Reuters.

US house resolution urges Prez Biden to refer China’s Uyghur ‘genocide’ to UN. Hindustan Times.

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Poi, improvvisamente, a partire dal 24 aprile, i media occidentali liberal hanno iniziato ad ignorare l’argomento.

E per fare buon peso, i media occidentali liberal hanno iniziato ad ignorare anche i riferiti abusi contro gli human rights che avrebber compiuto Mr Putin e svariati altri stati prima ferocemente accusati.

Ma le realtà mutano in un amen, ed ecco comparire codesto pregevole capolavoro di arte oratoria.

Ciò che prima era definito essere un “genocidio” adesso altro non sarebbe che un “transfer program described by some rights groups as forced labor”.

La Universal Electronics Inc importa degli Uyghuri per farli lavorare nei propri stabilimenti.

Questi liberi lavoratori arrivano scortati dalla polizia e vivono in padiglioni a parte, sempre tutelati da un buon numero di poliziotti, impossibilitati ad ogni movimento. Per il loro bene, si intende.

Eppure erano proprio stati i democratici a far votare al Congresso lo Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

Beh: quanto a coerenza i liberal democratici sono davvero maestri.

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US electronics firm struck deal to transport and hire Uyghur workers

«U.S. remote-control maker Universal Electronics Inc told Reuters it struck a deal with authorities in Xinjiang to transport hundreds of Uyghur workers to its plant in the southern Chinese city of Qinzhou, the first confirmed instance of an American company participating in a transfer program described by some rights groups as forced labor»

«The Nasdaq-listed firm, which has sold its equipment and software to Sony, Samsung, LG, Microsoft and other tech and broadcast companies, has employed at least 400 Uyghur workers from the far-western region of Xinjiang as part of an ongoing worker-transfer agreement»

«In at least one instance, Xinjiang authorities paid for a charter flight that delivered the Uyghur workers under police escort from Xinjiang’s Hotan city – where the workers are from – to the UEI plan»

«UEI spokeswoman said the company currently employs 365 Uyghur workers at the Qinzhou plant»

«Sony Group Corp, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, LG Corp and Microsoft Corp each say in social responsibility reports they prohibit the use of forced labor in their supply chains and are taking steps to prevent it»

«UEI spokeswoman …. said the company does not know how the workers are trained in Xinjiang or who pays for their transport to Guangxi»

«The conditions they face, however, bear hallmarks of standard definitions of forced labor, such as working in isolation, under police guard and with restricted freedom of movement»

«UEI’s Uyghur workers are under surveillance by police during their transportation and life at the factory, where they eat and sleep in segregated quarters»

«Programs like this have transferred thousands of Uyghur laborers to factories in Xinjiang and elsewhere»

«”This so-called ‘forced labor’ is a completely fabricated lie,”»

«A State Department spokesperson declined to comment on UEI, but said wittingly benefiting from forced labor in the United States was a crime under the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act»

«The import of goods into the United States made wholly or in part by forced labor is also a crime under Section 307 of the Tariff Act of 1930»

«Legislation before the U.S. Congress, called the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, was designed to toughen up restrictions by creating the legal presumption that any products made in Xinjiang are the result of forced labor, putting the burden on importers to prove they are not»

«The company’s two largest investors are funds run by BlackRock Inc and Eagle Asset Management, an affiliate of Carillon Tower Advisers»