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Carbone. Newcastle future impennato a 193 Usd per tonnellata.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


2022-01-07__ Coal 001

«Newcastle coal futures continued to rally to $190 per metric ton in the first week of January, the highest since early November, after Indonesia, the world’s biggest exporter of thermal coal, announced it will ban exports of coal in January, aiming to secure supply to domestic power plants. The Indonesian government had pledged to review the ban on Wednesday but talks were postponed although many companies do not want the ban to continue as the costs of having scores of ships stranded offshore are very high. The ban prompted a global rise in coal prices to start 2022 and could go even higher, as imports to China, Japan, India and South Korea account for 73% of coal exports from Indonesia. Meanwhile, many European countries started using more coal as the power crunch continues and natural gas prices remain elevated. In 2021, coal gained nearly 110% on strong demand and limited supplies.»

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Ma le tensioni sono su tutte le materia prime.

TTF Gas  +399.93%, UK Gas a +212.76% anno su anno.

Cobalto +93.15%, Brent +47.56% anno su anno.