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Cina. 2021H1. Pil +12.7% sul 2020H1.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


2021-08-01 __ Cina 001

Il National Bureau of Statistics of China ha rilasciato  il Report Preliminary Accounting Results of GDP for the Second Quarter and the First Half Year of 2021.

«                       Basic Concepts.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) refers to the final products at market prices produced by all resident units in a country during a certain period of time. GDP is the core indicator of the national accounts, and also an important indicator to measure the economic conditions and the level of development of a country.

In the practice of national accounting, gross domestic product is calculated using three approaches, namely production approach, income approach and expenditure approach, which reflect gross domestic product and its composition from different angles. The production approach refers to remove the value of intermediate goods and services from the value of goods and services created in the production process, and to get the value-added. The accounting formula as follows: value-added = total output – intermediate inputs. The GDP by production approach is the sum of value-added by production approach of various industries of national economy. The income approach refers to accounting the production activities from the point of generating income during the production process. Under this accounting method, the sum of the value-added obtained from four parts: workers compensation, net taxes on production, depreciation of fixed assets and operating surplus. The accounting formula as follows: value-added = workers compensation + net taxes on production + depreciation of fixed assets + operating surplus. The GDP by income approach equals to the sum of value-added by income approach of various industries of national economy. GDP by expenditure approach refers to the method of measuring GDP from the perspective of the final uses of production activities. The final uses include final consumption expenditure, gross capital formation and net export of goods and services.

National Bureau of Statistics released quarterly GDP used the production method which based on the result of basic accounting.

                         Production Coverage.

Production range of GDP accounting includes the following four parts: first, the production of goods and services provided to or ready to provide to other units by the producers; second, self-sufficient production of goods for own final consumption or capital formation by the producers; third, self-sufficient production of knowledge carrier products for own final consumption or capital formation by the producers, excluding similar activities undertaken by the household sector; housing services; fourth, housing services provided by owner-occupied housing, as well as self-sufficient production of household and personal services provided by paid family service personnel. Production range does not include unpaid household and personal services, nor no units controlled natural activities (such as wild, non-cultivated forest, berries or wild berries natural growth, the natural growth of the number of fish in the public sea), etc.

                         Related Laws and Regulations.

GDP accounting was strictly complying with the provisions of the Statistics Law of the People’s Republic of China. At present, China’s GDP was measured in accordance with the requirements of the China’s System of National Accounts (CSNA) (2016), which has adopted the basic accounting principles, contents and methods of the United Nation’s System of National Accounts (SNA) 2008.»