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Enclave liberal occidentale. Bioweapons. Guerre, spopolamento, ed infine collasso.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


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Doug Casey on the Shocking 2025 Deagel Forecast… War, Population Reduction and the Collapse of the West

da cui estrarremo solo le frasi pregnanti, data la sua grande estensione. Ma si suggerirebbe a tutti di leggerlo con molta attenzione.

* * * * * * *

«They’ve predicted that about 70% of the US population, and about the same percentage in Europe, is going to disappear by 2025»

«It’s hard to believe that anybody in their position would make a forecast like that»

«But for the last several years, I’ve been saying that World War III would basically be a biological war»

«Essentially, it will involve the use of bacteria and viruses to wipe out the enemy»

«The fact is that anything that can be done eventually will be done. It’s just the law of large numbers.»

«All races and ethnic groups like to think that they’re “the best” or the most worthy, and that non-members are “other”, perhaps only marginally human. Biological warfare plays directly into feeling»

«Americans who—like everybody else—see themselves as “the good guys”, believe we’re immune to that»

«What shocks me is not that a biowar is being researched or even actively wargamed, but that a connected organization like Deagel is actually saying it publicly»

«What are the advantages of biowar?»

«First, it doesn’t destroy materiel. That’s a huge plus.»

«Second, bioweapons can be structured to attack only certain racial groups. »

«Third, bioweapons are very cheap and easy to fabricate. Anyone with access to a good high school chemistry lab is in business.»

«Fourth, bioweapons don’t need sophisticated delivery systems; again, no need for B-2s, B-52s, cruise missiles, ICBMs, or any of that.»

«Fifth, bioweapons, whether they’re viruses or bacteria, not only offer plausible deniability but the potential to blame a third party. You can launch an attack, and nobody can really be sure who did it.»

* * *

«The Western world success model has been built over societies with no resilience that can barely withstand any hardship, even a low-intensity one.»

«I’m afraid the election of actual Bolsheviks in 2020—and I don’t use that term lightly—has sealed its fate.»

«→→ In point of fact, the US is on such a self-destructive path that the Chinese don’t have to do anything in order to win. All they need to do is lay back and be quiet. The West is destroying itself. ←←»

«Even the Spanish flu, which was actually serious, came and went without destroying the economy»

«Nonetheless, the public has been so terrorized that they’re panicking to take potentially dangerous experimental injections. Even though there are numerous cheap drugs that can mitigate the virus after diagnosis, they’re never prescribed.»

«That’s a very odd statement because the crisis isn’t extending the life of the dying economic system. It’s putting the final nail in its coffin.»

«History is replete—overrun, actually—with psychos who try to destroy everybody once they get in power.»

«→→ The collapse of the Western financial system – and ultimately the Western civilization – has been the major driver in the forecast along with a confluence of crisis with a devastating outcome ←→»

«As COVID has proven Western societies embracing multiculturalism and extreme liberalism are unable to deal with any real hardship.»

«We’re absolutely en route to a gigantic financial crisis, featuring the destruction of the US dollar»

«Much of the value people thought they had in stocks, bonds, real estate, pensions, and insurance could disappear.»

«That’s bad enough, but what’s worse are the economic consequences»

«I’m increasingly of the opinion there will be a crack-up boom along the way; however, we might be entering that as we speak.»

«The Biden people in Washington, D.C. are exactly the same personality types who took over Russia in 1917 or France in 1789. They aren’t going to let go of the apparatus of power now that they’ve got it. They will find a way to re-install themselves in 2024»

«Most people in today’s highly urbanized world, from cubicle dwellers to ghetto rats, are incapable of surviving for more than a week if supply chains break.»

«a war, at least with China, seems inevitable»

«It will likely be fomented by the US because, as the economy goes bad, governments always look for somebody else, an outsider, to blame.»

«the US government is actually the most dangerous force on the face of the planet. Much more dangerous than the Chinese, the Russians, or anybody else.»

«It’s said, for instance, that the Russians are aggressors because they may retake the Crimea and the Donbas region. Most Americans, who can’t even find these places on the map, are unaware that Crimea had been part of Russia since it was taken from the Ottomans in the 18th century and is mostly populated by ethnic Russians.»

«The Biden regime butting in is somewhat analogous to Russia threatening war over the US owning Puerto Rico. We don’t need a serious war with Russia over nothing.»

«The US is unnecessarily and stupidly whacking hornet’s nests everywhere in the world, bankrupting itself and making enemies, setting the stage for something really significant.»

* * * * * * *

Sono ben poche le persone che sappiano cosa siano e come possano essere impiegate le bioweapons.

Ma questa ignoranza, spesso colpevole, non sopprime di certo l’esistenza delle bioweapons.

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