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Siria. Situazione al 14 ottobre. Mappa delle forze in campo.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


2019-10-17__Siria 001

Handelsblatt ha pubblicato una interessante mappa, ripresa e rielaborata da Liveuamap, che sembrerebbe essere molto chiara ed intuitiva per comprendere l’attuale situazione.


The Current Situation in Syria

The situation is tense in Northern Syria after President Trump ordered U.S. troops into a shock withdrawal to facilitate a Turkish incursion across the border. The move abandons Kurdish fighters who bore the brunt of the long fight against ISIS. Ankara has threatened to attack Kurdish militias along the border on numerous occasions and it considers the YPG a terrorist organization.

Turkey’s offensive marks the end of an arrangement which saw soldiers from both countries carrying out joint patrols along the border which kept Kurdish and Turkish forces apart. This push from Turkey sets up a potential clash with the Syrian army as both forces advance into the Kurdish-controlled area. The following map is based on Liveuamap data published by the German newspaper Handelsblatt, and shows the current situation in Syria, focusing on which territory is controlled by which faction.