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Germania. Nel 2017 si sono ridotti a 469,000 i richiedenti asilo con benefit.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



Destatis comunica che il numero dei richiedenti asilo che godono di benefit è sceso a 728,000 nel 2016 ai 469,000 del 2017: un calo del -36%.

Destatis. Benefits for asylum seekers, 2017: roughly 469,000 people entitled to benefits

WIESBADEN – At the end of 2017, a total of 469,000 people received standard benefits in accordance with the Act on Benefits for Asylum Seekers (AsylbLG). That was a 36% decrease compared with the previous year (728,000 people). The number of recipients went down for the second consecutive time (2015/2016: -25%).