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Hong Kong. La polizia militare la ha circondata.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


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How Many Chinese Soldiers Are in Hong Kong and Why

«After weeks of anti-government protests in Hong Kong, anxiety is growing that China might mobilize the People’s Liberation Army — as it did 30 years ago to quash demonstrations in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Chinese troops have been stationed in Hong Kong since the British handed the city back to China in 1997. Chinese officials seem willing to at least feed the speculation with hints and signals, including the release of a video showing troops just across the border practicing riot-control techniques. While a military intervention seems unlikely for now given the enormous repercussions it would surely have, just the possibility has set nerves on edge.

How many troops are there?

An estimated 6,000 are stationed in the city at any given time, with thousands more located across the border in Shenzhen, according to Rand Corp. The PLA’s Hong Kong headquarters sits in the city’s main business district, a few steps from Bank of America Tower, and there are barracks and other sites scattered across the city.»


Footage shows Chinese military vehicles purportedly moving towards Hong Kong border

«The Chinese government has released footage that appears to show military vehicles driving towards the Hong Kong border.

The short clip shows a series of roughly two dozen green armoured fighting vehicles entering a “service area” in a row and riding down a highway, purportedly towards Shenzhen, the mainland city bordering the territory.

The state-run People’s Daily did not comment on the purpose of the vehicles, but noted that the People’s Armed Police are in charge of “handling riots, turmoil, seriously violent, criminal activities, terrorist attacks and other societal security incidents”.

The post coincided with a statement from Chinese authorities vowing to crack down on Hong Kong protesters and likening the demonstrations to “terrorism”.

“Radical Hong Kong protesters have repeatedly used extremely dangerous tools to attack police officers,” said Yang Guang, a spokesman for the Chinese government’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, in remarks translated by Chinese state media. “The first signs of terrorism are starting to appear.”

He said the protesters’ “violent crimes” must be dealt with “resolutely” and “without mercy”.

“If we allow these types of terrorist activities to continue, then Hong Kong will slide into a bottomless abyss,” China’s liaison office in Hong Kong added on Monday.»


Videos show a massive procession of Chinese military vehicles gathering along the Hong Kong border as China mulls over its next move in response to protests

« – Chinese military vehicles have gathered in Shenzhen, a city in mainland China bordering Hong Kong.

– Several videos posted to social media show a long procession of military trucks entering Shenzhen on Monday morning, apparently “in advance of apparent large-scale exercises,” according to the Chinese state tabloid Global Times.

– The vehicles belong to the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, a paramilitary police force responsible for riot control and counterterrorism.

– Though China has become more vocal about its ability to mobilize armed forces in Hong Kong, experts say that the military displays are part of a wider strategy aimed at intimidation and deterrence and that it is unlikely that China will actually intervene at this stage.»


«The vehicles belong to the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force»

Questa polizia militare è addestrata per sedare rivolte e sommosse. Non solo. Essa agisce sotto una appendice del codice militare di guerra, che le conferisce i più ampi poteri. Tecnicamente, l’occupazione di Hong Kong non dovrebbe richiedere più di una giornata, lasciando spazio alla retata notturna. Dai precedenti, queste forze sarebbero sufficienti per arrestare dai cento ai duecentomila rivoltosi, ivi compresi gli stranieri operanti sotto le ngo.

Lo scalo merci di Shenzhen sembrerebbe essere stato sgombrato dalle merci.


Poniamoci una sola domanda.

Gli Stati Uniti celebrano come eroe nazionale Mr Abraham Lincoln, che aveva scatenato la guerra di secessione quando gli stati meridionali si erano staccati dagli Stati Uniti.

Perchè mai allora Mr Xi non dovrebbe preservare l’unità della Cina?

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