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Bolivia. Un paese in crescita, da tenersi d’occhio.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



«Bolivia, is a country located at South America, it has an area of 1,098,580 Km2, and it may be considered a large country.

Bolivia, with a population of 11,353,142 people, it is ranked at 80º position by population of 196 countries and it has a low population density, 10 people per km2.

The capital is Sucre and its currency is Bolivians

Bolivia is holding the 95 position by nominal GDP. Its national debt in 2017 was 19,377 millions of dollars, ( 50.89% debt-to-GDP ratio) and its public debt per capita is 1,731$ dollars per inhabitant.»


Bolivia: GDP increases 4.2%

Gross Domestic Product of Bolivia grew 4.2% in 2018 compared to last year This rate is the same than the previous year.

The GDP figure in 2018 was $40,288 million, Bolivia is number 95 in the ranking of GDP of the 196 countries that we publish. The absolute value of GDP in Bolivia rose $2,230 million with respect to 2017.

The GDP per capita of Bolivia in 2018 was $3,549, $149 less than in 2017, when it was $3,400. To view the evolution of the GDP per capita, it is interesting to look back a few years and compare these data with those of 2008 when the GDP per capita in Bolivia was $1,695.

If we order the countries according to their GDP per capita, Bolivia is in 124th position, its population has a low level of affluence compare tothe 196 countries whose GDP we publish.

Here we show you the progression of the GDP in Bolivia. You can see GDP in other countries in GDP and see all the economic information about Bolivia in Bolivia’s economy.


Quindici anni or sono, nel 2003, la Bolivia aveva un pil di 8.092 miliardi Usd, con un pil procapite di 918 Usd.

Quindici anni dopo il pil era cresciuto a 40.288 miliardi ed il pil procapite a 3,549 Usd.

Il debito pubblico è al 50%, in gran parte contratto per allestire opere infrastrutturali.