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Parigi in rivolta e 150 arresti il giorno della Bastiglia. [Video]

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



Il presidente più esecrato di Francia, Mr Macron, ha celebrato il 230esimo anniversario della presa della Bastiglia facendo massacrare di botte i Patrioti che pacificamente stavano dimostrando contro di lui. È un democratico.

La cosa rientrerebbe financo nella norma comportamentale di questo presidente, se questa volta non se la fosse presa anche con i suoi adorati migranti, i sans-papier, che hanno imparato dalle manganellate e dai gas urticanti quanto sia grande la accoglienza dei francesi.

Quei poveracci avevano occupato il Pantheon chiedendo pane, lavoro ed il bramato ‘papier’.

Senza lasciar nulla di invidiato ai gulag, Mr Macron li ha fatti massacrare, con feroce determinazione, come ai tempi del caro Mr Benalla.

Poi non sazio, ha scatenato le sue forze di polizia contro i Patrioti francesi, che nella ricorrenza della presa della Bastiglia chiedevano a gran voce che se ne andasse.

I video sono impressionanti.


Questo è il volto di Mr Macron, quello che ha chiamato gli identitari sovranisti ‘lebbrosi’, dei quali si è proclamato nemico giurato. Già. Quel Mr Macron che imputa con grevi parole all’Italia di non essere ospitale con i migranti.

Ma noi italiani, caro Mr Macron, mica che li pestiamo con botte da orbi.


Barricades & tear gas: 150+ arrested amid Bastille Day celebrations (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Riot police and anti-government protesters faced off during Bastille Day celebrations in Paris. Dozens of people were arrested, with calls for president Emmanuel Macron to resign again being chanted out loud.

An increasing number of demonstrators flocked to the Champs Elysees avenue around midday on Sunday, setting objects alight and trying to block the iconic street with metal barricades, dustbins and other debris.

Protesters also hurled rocks and bottles at the riot-police present, who responded with tear gas. Several people were injured, reports say, without specifying numbers. ‘Yellow vests’ protsters, whose rally had earlier been banned by authorities, were also seen in the midst of the turmoil.

The movements’s leaders Maxim Nicholas, Eric Drue and Jerome Rodriguez were said to have been detained. All in all, more than 150 people were arrested, police prefecture announced.

The heated Sunday protest came amid the symbolic Bastille Day national celebrations, marking the 230th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison during the French Revolution and the fall of the monarchy.

The mood had already become tense in the morning, with Emmanuel Macron being booed as he headed a massive military parade in central Paris, with numerous people chanting ‘Macron, step down!’ in French.


Macron booed & told to ‘step down’ during Bastille Day parade in Paris (VIDEO)

France’s major national holiday didn’t proceed smoothly for President Emmanuel Macron, as dozens of protesters booed him and demanded his resignation ahead of a massive military parade in central Paris.

Numerous people started to vent their anger at Macron moments before his motorcade – accompanied by the French horse guards – showed up at the Champs Elysees avenue on Sunday afternoon. Ruptly agency filmed people booing and chanting ‘Macron, step down!’ in French.

Some were seen waving France’s national flag as the President and his entourage headed down the street to review participating troops. The protesters were encircled – though were not confronted – by dozens of police officers wearing riot gear.

At some point, however, the situation became more tense, with police using pepper spray during small scuffles in downtown Paris. It is unclear how many ‘Yellow Vests’ were present as they had been urged not to wear their iconic high-visibility jackets on this national day. 

It has been reported that protest leaders, Eric Drouet, Maxime Nicolle and Jerome Rodrigues, were apprehended by police at the main military parade route, the Champs Elysees avenue.

It comes just one day after the ‘Yellow Vests” took to the streets again on Saturday, marking the 35th consecutive week of the nationwide protest against the Macron government’s policies. Simultaneously, leaders of the protest movement urged followers to take part in the rally on Bastille Day.


Undocumented ‘Black Vest’ migrant protesters occupy Pantheon in Paris, demand papers (VIDEOS)

Undocumented migrants calling themselves the ‘Black Vest’ protesters flooded the Pantheon in Paris and demanded the right to remain in France. The protesters vowed to remain on site until all of the illegals get proper papers.

Some 200-300 undocumented migrants stormed the Pantheon – a popular tourist site and mausoleum – where the most renowned French national heroes, such as Voltaire or Victor Hugo, are buried.  

The majority of the protesters, who call themselves ‘Black Vests’ – in an analogy with the Yellow Vests movement – are believed to be migrants of West African origin.

We are paperless, voiceless, faceless for the French Republic. We come to the graves of your great men to denounce your disrespect,” one of the protest organizers said in a statement ahead of the event.

We will remain here until the last one of us has been given documents,” a leaflet given out by an organiser read.

The protest triggered a massive police response, several people have been reportedly detained. Initially, the event was maily peaceful with the protesters displaying banners and shouting slogans without getting rowdy and avoiding scuffles with law enforcement.

After spending several hours inside, the protesters vacated the monument, yet refused to disperse and tried to held a sit-in protest in front of it. 

The situation around the Pantheon eventually turned violent with police repeatedly charging the crowd in an attempt to disperse it. Police used batons and pepper spray to subdue the protesters; several people have been reportedly injured in the scuffles.

Right wing leader Marine Le Pen called the occupation unacceptable. She tweeted: “In France, the only future for any illegal immigrant should be getting kicked out, because that’s the law.” 

There were those among the French politicians who, on the contrary, voiced support. “It’s very important for me that everything goes – at the moment –without violence, peacefully. I hope that their demands will be heard, these people have been protesting for a long time, yet so far they see nothing from the government but a closed door,” Eric Coquerel, a member of the National Assembly, stated.

A similar protest was staged by the group back in May, when the Black Vests occupied Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. The protesters demanded legal papers for all, as well as accused the Air France carrier of collaborating with the government in the quest to deport illegal migrants.