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G20. Un meeting molto sofferto. Verosimilmente inconcludente.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


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A giorni si terrà dal 28 al 29 giugno il G20 2019, ad Osaka in Giappone.

Questo meeting sembrerebbe preannunciarsi tumultuoso.

A ‘big bang’ US-China trade deal at the G20 meeting is unlikely, says…

China ‘will not allow’ G20 discussion on Hong Kong extradition bill

G20 inutile se gli Stati Uniti e la Cina non trovano l’accordo

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Wall Street is setting rock-bottom expectations for Trump and Xi’s G20 meeting — but the stakes are sky-high

«Wall Street strategists and economists have low expectations for President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping’s meeting later this week at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.»


Problemi di vasta portata, la soluzione dei quali potrebbe generare grandi mutamenti nel sistema economico mondiale.

Ma come sempre succede, c’è una voce fuori dal coro.

France says final G20 communique must mention Paris climate change agreement

«France said it will not accept a final G20 communique that does not mention the Paris climate change agreement, as President Emmanuel Macron hardened his position on climate change ahead of the G20 meeting.

Japanese media reported on Wednesday that leaders of the G20 top economies will call this week for the promotion of free trade to achieve strong global growth, as the United States and China seek to resume talks to resolve a bitter trade dispute.

In preparing a joint communique, Japan, the chair of the meetings, seeks common ground between the United States, which opposes language denouncing protectionism, and other nations, which want a stronger warning against the risk of trade tension.

However, France was adamant that any final G20 communique must also mention the 2016 Paris Climate Change agreement that was set up to protect the environment.»


La impressione netta sarebbe che anche questo G20 farà la fine dei precedenti.

PM Modi, Donald Trump to meet Friday at G20 Summit

Mr Trump vedrà, tra gli altri, Mr Modi, non Mr Macron, che incontrerà dopo e con ben altra agenda.

Rencontre Macron-Trump sur le dossier iranien en marge du G20

«Emmanuel Macron a annoncé ce lundi qu’il rencontrerait «en aparté», en marge du G20 qui doit se tenir en fin de semaine au Japon, son homologue américain Donald Trump pour évoquer le dossier iranien»

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G20 2019 Japan.

Main Themes.

Global Economy

«While the G20 was originally established in response to the global financial crisis, its core mission today is to establish economic fundamentals for realizing sustainable and inclusive growth of the global economy. From this perspective, first, the G20 discusses the impact of structural factors on the global economy, such as global imbalances and aging, in addition to monitoring major risks through surveillance of the global economy.

Second, the G20 discusses concrete actions for strengthening growth potential. We also discuss sustainable financing to promote Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in developing countries as well as promoting debt transparency and ensuring debt sustainability in low-income countries, in addition to promotion of the Quality Infrastructure Investment (QII), as well as measures that further reinforce the basis of sustainable development, including strengthening financial resilience against natural disasters such as disaster risk financing.

Third, in the areas of international taxation and finance, we take up issues of how to respond to economic and social structural changes brought by digitalization and globalization of the economy through technological innovation. This structural change has been radically changing the world’s economic and social landscape and business models. In order to harness this change for achieving sound growth, it is urgent to implement policy response in the area of internal taxation and finance, while avoiding harmful fragmentation of the global economic system.»

Themes 02 Trade and Investment

«International trade and investment are important engines of growth, productivity, innovation, job creation and development. The current development surrounding international trade are negatively affecting the prospects of global economy and trade. The G20 members, covering more than 80% of global GDP, have responsibility for resolving this situation. The G20 Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Digital Economy, held in Tsukuba city on June 8 and 9 focuses on the following issues:

– Dialogue on Current International Trade Developments

– A Sound Business Environment that Promotes Market-driven Investment Decisions

– Promotion of Trade and Investment that Contribute to Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

– WTO Reform, Recent Developments in Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

– Interface between Trade and Digital Economy (joint session with the Ministerial Meeting on Digital Economy)

The rule-based multilateral trading system is at a critical juncture. In order to restore the confidence in the multilateral trading system, it is imperative to maintain and strengthen the momentum of WTO reform. At the Buenos Aires Summit, G20 Leaders expressed their “support [to] the necessary reform of the WTO to improve its functioning”, and agreed to review its progress at the Osaka Summit. Based on this, the Japanese presidency will take the lead in discussions in order to provide further political momentum to the WTO reform.

Furthermore, based on the discussions that took place in the past G20 summits, we continue to discuss the issue of the steel excess capacity which is a global issue that requires collective response under the Japanese presidency. In this context, the Global Forum for Steel Excess Capacity (GFSEC), which was established in 2016 based on the agreement at the G20 Hangzhou Summit, continues the process of information-sharing on members’ production capacities and support measures, as well as the review process based on the provided information.»

Themes 03 Innovation

«Under the past presidencies, G20 discussion has focused on how innovation, including digitalization, drives the economic growth and enhance productivity, while also shedding light on the importance of addressing its impact on labour market, skills, and digital divide. The Japanese presidency proposes focusing on the crucial role played by data in the 21st century economic system. …. »

Themes 04 Environment and Energy

«Climate Change

Climate change, which is becoming more serious as seen by the frequent occurrence of disasters due to extreme climate all over the world in recent years, poses immediate challenges that require concerted actions by the international community. To address climate related challenges in a global scale under the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement, it is necessary to accelerate “a virtuous cycle of environment and growth” and aim to create a paradigm shift which promotes business-led innovation. To facilitate such efforts, it will be essential to create a number of innovations in the field of climate change and apply them in society. G20 members are focusing on discussing issues such as innovation, finance mobilization, and collaborating with non-state actors, together with addressing traditional major topics including mitigation, adaptation and climate finance.

Energy G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth is held on 15 to 16 June 2019 in Karuizawa, Nagano. Regarding energy, while attaching importance on energy transitions in accordance with each country’s own circumstances, discussions at the Ministerial Meeting and the G20 Osaka Summit focuses on accelerating innovation such as hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) as a major impetus for a virtuous cycle of environmental and growth, mobilizing private finance for innovation, and improving business environment for dissemination of innovative technologies. In addition, building upon the outcomes of the discussion on energy during the previous Presidencies, various energy-related issues are comprehensively discussed.

Environment (Marine Plastic Litter)

Marine plastic litter, which has been attracting global attention in recent years, is an urgent challenge, given that it harms the marine ecosystem and impacts our health. In order to resolve this problem, measures to address this issue need to be taken by all countries, including emerging economies. G20 members are discussing how to prevent the discharge of plastic litter into the ocean and facilitate innovation in order to intensify global efforts on this issues at the “G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth” and the G20 Osaka Summit.»

Themes 05 Employment

Themes 06 Women’s Empowerment

Themes 07 Development