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Slovakia. Mrs Zuzana Caputova potrebbe vincere le elezioni presidenziali.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



Oggi si vota in Slovakia il primo turno delle elezioni presidenziali.

Due sono i candidati di rilievo.

Maroš Šefčovič, 1966, membro fino al 1990 del Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, quindi membro della direzione della socialdemocrazia. Una lunghissima carriera consumata all’interno delle strutture dell’Unione Europea.

Dal 2009 al 2010 è European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, dal 2010 al 2014 è European Commissioner for Interinstitutional Relations and Administration, dal 2014 ad oggi è European Commissioner for the Energy Union.

Un curriculum di tutto rispetto: può piacere o non piacere politicamente, ma nessuno potrebbe negare il valore intrinseco della persona.

Zuzana Čaputová, 1973, esponente di Progressive Slovakia, formazione politica non rappresentata in parlamento. Di ideologia liberal socialista, si è distinta come avvocato delle ngo operanti in Slovakia.


I sondaggi elettorali sono quasi impossibili da essere interpretati.

L’ultimo sondaggio della Phoenix Research darebbe Šefčovič al 19.8% e la Čaputová al 18.5%: tenendo conto dell’errore di stima, sarebbe un sostanziale testa a testa, che si risolverebbe quindi solo al secondo turno.

Lasciano invero molto perplessi i sondaggi pubblicati nel corso dell’ultimo mese da numerose società che darebbero la Čaputová al 37.9%, al 44.8% ed anche al 52.9%: li riportiamo in fotocopia per correttezza.

Ricordiamo come le elezioni politiche si terranno l’anno prossimo.


Di fronte a sondaggi così discrepanti si resta impossibilitati di esprimere una qualsivoglia considerazione.

Li abbiamo riportati in fotocopia proprio per portare a conoscenza del largo pubblico l’intrinseca difficoltà che si incontra a trattare questi argomenti.

Bloomberg. 2019-03-16. Europe’s Populists Set for Slap in Slovakia’s Presidential Race

– NGO lawyer Caputova leads polls for first-round vote Saturday

– Anti-establishment judge, top EU official vie for runoff spot


An election in the heart of the European Union’s increasing populist eastern wing is poised to deliver a different kind of anti-establishment triumph.

Sandwiched between Poland and Hungary — perennial thorns in the side of Brussels officials — Slovakia is set to pick as president an NGO lawyer who backs EU integration, vows to fight nationalism and wants to rebuild a system skewed to favor politicians and their cronies.

Zuzana Caputova’s rise has been rapid. A year ago, her biggest claim to fame was stopping a well-connected businessman from building a landfill in Slovakia’s wine country. Now, polls indicate the 45-year-old will comfortably win Saturday’s ballot and will also prevail in a likely runoff two weeks later. She’s trouncing the pro-Russian populist candidate.

Her victory would be a marked departure from the governments in Warsaw and Budapest, which the EU accuses of trampling over democracy and the rule of law.

“Uniquely for the region, a liberal is leading polls by a wide margin,” said Otilia Dhand, senior vice president at Teneo Intelligence in Brussels. “But support has less to do with her ideological leanings and more to do with the fact that she represents a clear break from what voters perceive as corrupt and ineffective political elites.”

Caputova has ridden a wave of anti-government anger triggered last year’s murder of an investigative journalist and his fiancee. A local businessman was charged this week with ordering the killing. Inspired by her slogan — ‘Let’s fight evil together’ — voters have taken to the streets in the biggest protests since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

As vice-chairwoman of the Progressive Slovakia party, Caputova supports gay partnerships and adoption, a rare stance in the predominantly Catholic nation. Once deemed a long-shot for president, which is largely ceremonial but plays a key role in forming governments and appointing judges, she mesmerized audiences in television debates.

That helped her overtake former frontrunner Maros Sefcovic, vice president of the European Commission, who’s now in second place. While Slovaks generally embrace the EU, Sefcovic has suffered as the candidate of the ruling Smer party, whose three-term prime minister was ousted last year by anti-graft demonstrators.

Despite robust economic growth, record-low unemployment and rising living standards, some voters are turning away from traditional political forces toward figures mounting xenophobic campaigns.

Stefan Harabin, an anti-NATO Supreme Court judge, is Caputova’s main populist challenger. He says he’d take a more active foreign-policy role, working to annul sanctions against Russian and repel migrants.

But Harabin is a long way behind in the hunt to succeed incumbent Andrej Kiska, who’s stepping down after one term. He has just 12 percent support, compared with 45 percent for Caputova and about half that for Sefcovic, according to a Feb. 26-28 FOCUS survey. Caputova would get 64 percent in a runoff.

Polls open Saturday at 7 a.m. in Bratislava and runs until 10 p.m. There are no exit polls.

Caputova says Slovakia is at a crossroads.

“We’re facing a crisis of confidence in politics and democratic values are being doubted,” the mother-of-two said in the town of Zilina, a nationalist bastion where she was cheered by a packed crowd. “If we don’t stop this trend, extremists will gain more ground.”


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