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Macron & Benalla & Brigitte. L’alcova vale ben di più di una nazione.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


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«Da un depravato ci si aspetta che si comporti da tale»

Mr Macron aveva detto di aver licenziato in tronco Mr Benalla, perché aveva partecipato travestito da poliziotto, al pestaggio di pacifici dimostranti.

Poi è venuto fuori che il Benalla, licenziato, viaggiava in lungo ed in largo con passaporto diplomatico.

Di questi tempi emergono numerosissimi messaggini Sms, inoltrati su telefoni non sicuri, tra Mr Macron e Mr Benalla, ben dopo il presunto licenziamento.

Mrs Brigitte Macron sembrerebbe non essersela presa bene.

I due fidanzatini innamorati ed invaghiti l’uno dell’altro si scambiavano tutte quelle tenerezze che a lei sono invece negate.

Poi, di frammezzo alle rimembranze dei match in dodici round, segreti di stato.

Ma anche Mrs Brigitte Macron avrebbe avuto una sostanziosa messaggistica con Mr Benalla.

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Mr Macron aveva promesso un cambiamento in campagna elettorale: ci si sarebbe aspettato di tutto, tranne questo.


Le voci sono false e calunniose. Fake news sparsa ad arte per denigrare galantuomini.

Noi quindi non ne parleremo minimamente.

Ma lo sapete?

Si mormora che il caso Benalla sia il frutto di una collaborazione intercorsa tra l’F6, Special Collection Service (quello che spiava Frau Angela Merkel, per intenderci) ed il Svr (Služba vnešnej razvedki (Служба внешней разведки).  (SVR). [Tranquilli, in iternet quasi non li trovate].

Insomma, tutte quelle brave persone dedite alla coltivazione delle primule e delle orchidee, salvatori di gatti in difficoltà, avrebbero del tutto casualmente sentito qualcosa, ed incontratisi in un baretto di periferia, mentre parlavano degli ultimi tipi di concime, avrebbero spettegolato su quel fiore all’occhiello della massoneria francese che è Mr Macron.

Sembrerebbe quasi, ad essere malpensanti, che Mr Putin e Mr Trump non abbiano gradito il comportamento tenuto da Mr Macron nei loro confronti. Ma poiché sappiamo per certo che sono miti, mansueti e compassionevoli, non prestiamo il minimo credito a queste dicerie.

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Brigitte Macron, dans l’embarras : des SMS échangés avec Alexandre Benalla ?

«Elle reste très discrète depuis plusieurs semaines. Mais Brigitte Macron semble inévitablement mêlée aux polémiques qui secouent la présidence. Alors que Le Parisien revient sur les dernières prises de paroles d’Alexandre Benalla au sujet d’Emmanuel Macron, ce 1er janvier, l’épouse du chef»


Echange de SMS entre Benalla et Macron


Brigitte Macron, dans l’embarras des SMS échangés avec Alexandre Benalla


Brigitte Macron : ces SMS qu’elle aurait échangés avec Alexandre Benalla – Voici

«Brigitte Macron : ces SMS qu’elle aurait échangés avec Alexandre Benalla – Voici Brigitte Macron serait-elle restée en contact avec Alexandre Benalla depuis le licenciement de ce dernier ? L’ex-collaborateur d’Emmanuel Macron assure que oui…  Ce qu’Emmanuel Macron»

* * * * * * * *

Macron faces new embarrassment from ex-bodyguard

«Emmanuel Macron’s disgraced ex-bodyguard said he continued to exchange messages regularly with the French president even after he was forced out of his job in July over a scandal.

Alexandre Benalla caused the most damaging controversy of Macron’s presidency after he was caught on video roughing up protesters at a demonstration in May while wearing a police helmet.

And he was at the centre of more embarrassing headlines for the embattled 41-year-old head of state last week when it emerged he had retained his diplomatic passports even after losing his job.

In an interview with investigative website Mediapart, Benalla said Sunday that he continued giving advice to Macron via the Telegram messaging app, which the president uses intensively.»


Macron ex-bodyguard admits using diplomatic passports after dismissal

«The disgraced former bodyguard of French President Emmanuel Macron admitted Sunday (Dec 30) he had used his diplomatic passports “for personal convenience” after being fired in August, a day after investigators opened a probe into his failure to return the documents.

Alexandre Benalla, a former campaign bodyguard who got a senior job following Macron’s election victory last year, has been dogged by scandal since July when accusations emerged he had roughed up protestors.

Macron’s office and Benalla clashed this week over accusations that he used two diplomatic passports after his dismissal, which the foreign ministry said would be a crime.

Criticism over the presidency’s handling of the issue has been growing since local media reported Benalla met with African presidents, in what officials fear was an attempt to profit from his former insider status.

In an interview published Sunday, Benalla acknowledged using the passports for private travel but said he would return them to the foreign ministry “within days”.»


Macron’s ex-bodyguard admits using diplomatic passports after dismissal

«He said he had returned the passports at the end of August, but they were handed back to him along with other personal belongings by a “presidential aide” in October.

“Insofar as they were given back to me, I didn’t see any reason not to use them,” he told the paper.»


French prosecutors probe President Macron’s ex-bodyguard over passports

«Paris prosecutors on Saturday (Dec 29) opened an investigation into the illegal use of diplomatic passports by President Emmanuel Macron’s disgraced former bodyguard, in another potential scandal for the French leader.

Mr Alexandre Benalla, a former campaign bodyguard who got a senior job after Mr Macron’s election victory last year, has been caught up in scandal since July when accusations emerged he had roughed up protestors.

Mr Macron’s office and Mr Benalla have clashed this week over accusations that he may have used diplomatic passports after he was dismissed in August, which the foreign ministry said would be a crime.

Prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into “abuse of trust” over Mr Benalla’s failure to return two passports after he was no longer in office, state prosecutor in Paris Remy Heitz said in a statement.

The probe is also investigating the illegal use of professional documents and other possible charges.»


Benalla confirms post-sacking contact with Macron, says powerful people make president do ‘BULLS**T’

«Alexandre Benalla, ex-aide of Emmanuel Macron, says he kept in touch with his former boss for months after his dismissal, challenging claims made by the presidency that all contact with him had been severed.

Macron talked to Benalla on the Telegram messenger app, discussing various topics related to statecraft, the ousted aide told Mediapart in an interview on Sunday.

“We talk about different topics, it’s often like ‘how do you see things?’ It can be about Yellow Vests, about this-and-that, and about security issues,” he stated, adding that all the “exchanges are on my mobile phone” and it will be very hard for the Elysee to further deny it.

While Benalla was arguably the main source of scandals and embarrassment for the Macron administration over the past year, the aide insisted that he was actually a good guy, caring for the president.

“I am an outsider who wishes well to the guy [Macron] who trusted him,” Benalla stated. “It disturbs a certain number of people, who are powerful and who act as if the president was under curatorship. They make him do phenomenal bulls**t.”

Benalla first came under the media spotlight when he was caught on tape while getting up-close and personal with protesters during demonstrations in Paris on May 1. The senior official was sporting a riot police helmet, armband and appeared to be “helping” law enforcement in beating up the demonstrators. Benalla was eventually fired in July, as the government faced accusations of trying to sweep the whole affair under the rug.

The ex-aide’s name returned to headlines this month, when it emerged that he toured Africa ahead of Macron’s visit. Benalla arrived in Chad weeks before his former boss on a private jet and met with the President Idriss Déby and his brother Oumar Déby – who leads the Directorate-General of Strategic Reserves handling arms deals.»