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Hessen. Un massacro che per il Deutsche Welle è una vittoria di Frau Merkel.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.

2018-10-28. h. 19:00.


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives eke out win in Hesse election

«Despite a large drop in support, the CDU has won the Hesse state regional poll, giving the chancellor some welcome breathing room. But the weakness of the political center in Germany remains glaringly obvious.

The CDU’s tally of 28 percent may have been down some ten points compared with the last Hesse vote in 2013. But it was slightly better than pre-election polls had predicted and gives incumbent state premier and Merkel ally Volker Bouffier a mandate to form the next government.

The Social Democrats (SPD) suffered a similar drop, claiming 20 percent of the vote. That won’t have anyone in red dancing for joy, but it’s probably a respectable enough performance to keep the SPD’s left wing from demanding that the party quit its “grand coalition” with conservatives at the national level. That, too, should be welcome news with Merkel.»

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Solo l’immarcescibile Deutsche Welle può chiamare questa débâcle una ‘vittoria’ di Frau Merkel. I commenti saranno fatti a risultati definitivi.










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