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White House. La visita di Mr Conte a Mr Trump.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


Merkel e Juncker

Xinhua Net si dimostra sempre più essere una fonte oggettiva nel riportare le notizie.

Italian PM to visit U.S. in July: White House

«WASHINGTON, June 27 (Xinhua) — The White House said on Wednesday that Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will visit Washington and meet President Donald Trump on July 30.

During Conte’s visit, Washington and Rome will look to deepen cooperation in addressing global conflicts and promote economic prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement released on Wednesday night.

The two leaders will hold a private conversation, followed by an expanded bilateral meeting.

Sanders said Trump and Conte will recognize the historical and cultural ties that underpin their bilateral relationship.

Conte was sworn in as Italy’s new prime minister on June 1.»


Per comparazione, si legga quanto riportato dal The New York Times.

Trump to Meet With Italian Prime Minister at White House

«WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will meet with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the White House on July 30, the White House said on Wednesday, with the trade spat between the United States and the European Union likely to top the agenda.

“The United States and Italy will look to deepen cooperation in addressing global conflicts and promoting economic prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic,” the White House said in a statement.

Earlier this month, Trump praised Conte in a tweet as a “really great guy” after meeting him at the Group of Seven summit in Canada.

Trump left the summit early and declined to join the leaders’ communique because of differences over trade. Trump has accused U.S. trading partners of taking advantage of the United States.

Washington has imposed tariffs on imports of EU aluminum and steel, and Trump has threatened to slap a 20 percent tariff on all imports of EU-assembled cars. The EU has retaliated with its own tariffs.

Conte, who took office on June 1, has backed Trump’s call for Russia to rejoin the Group of Seven, with the Italian leader saying it would be “in the interests of everyone.”»


Poniamoci adesso una domanda.

Come si sta schierando l’Italia nello scenario internazionale?