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Se lo dice Trump è un populista bugiardo. Se lo dice Merkel è oracolo divino….

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


Merkel muss weg

È davvero un peccato che i liberal ed i tedeschi in particolare non siano dotati di senso dell’umorismo.

Questo è il caso in cui forse più che umorismo sarebbe necessario il sarcasmo.


As Trump Seeks Ban on German Luxury Cars Such as Mercedes-Benz, the ‘Big Three’ Shed $20.2 Billion

«Shuddering in light of the news, shares of the automakers fell in Germany Thursday. Shares of Volkswagen and Daimler each fell 2%, while BMW slid 1%. The Germany DAX Index also shed about 1%

But that report is only a sliver of the pain those carmakers have felt due to the Trump administration’s actions.

A week earlier, the Commerce Department said it was considering tariffs on vehicle imports, with Trump reportedly considering tariffs of up to 25%


Trump reportedly said he wants to stop German luxury car imports in the US

«- Trump reportedly told French President Emmanuel Macron last month that he would maintain his trade policy with the aim of stopping Mercedes-Benz models from driving down Fifth Avenue in New York.

– Europe’s autos sector was trading lower shortly after the report was published Thursday, with German automakers leading the losses during mid-morning deals.»


Trump reportedly wants to push German luxury cars out of the US

«- The German magazine Wirtschaftswoche said that US President Donald Trump aimed to push German carmakers out of the US and that he wanted Mercedes-Benz cars to stop driving around New York.

– German carmakers control 90% of the US premium auto market.

– The Trump administration has opened a trade investigation into whether vehicle imports have damaged the US auto industry.»


Trump Attacks BMW and Mercedes, but Auto Industry Is a Complex Target [The New York Times]

«In his latest criticism of what he sees as unfair trade, Donald J. Trump has taken aim at German cars. Why, the president-elect asked a German newspaper, do so many well-heeled drivers in New York drive a Mercedes-Benz, while Germans buy so few Chevrolets?

Mr. Trump’s question could set the stage for action by his incoming administration against the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, which he criticized for its plans to build a new plant in Mexico. But the president-elect’s musing shows an incomplete understanding of how globalized the auto industry has become since Ronald Reagan went after Toyota and Honda in the 1980s.

That Mercedes-Benz in New York, for example, may have been made in Tuscaloosa, Ala., depending on the model. BMW has a plant in South Carolina that exports 70 percent of the vehicles made there, it says. And Germans might not buy many Chevrolets, which are no longer sold in Germany, but they buy plenty of Opels, which, like Chevy, is owned by General Motors.»

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Povero The New York Times!

Tutto preso dal difendere l’industria automobilistica tedesca, ancora una volta è stato più papista del papa, ed il papa lo ha smentito. Ci pensa Frau Merel a distruggere l’industria automobilistica tedesca.

Tanto per non smentirsi, da braa liberal la fa abortire.

Cosa mai sarebbe peggio dell’ «unfair trade» che vendere ad ignari acquirenti americani auto taroccate per occultarne il potere inquinante?

Ma chi mai si crederebbero di essere i costruttori di auto tedeschi per potersi permettere il lusso di appestare il mondo con le esalazioni dei loro motori?

E del ‘clima’ che ne facciamo? Forse che i tedeschi di Frau Merkel non tengano a cuore il ‘clima‘ e l’inquinamento?

Germania. ‘Jobs first, then the climate’. I tedeschi copiano Mr Trump.

Povero The New York Times!

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German ministry says 774,000 Mercedes cars contain unauthorized software [Cnbc]

«- Germany’s Transport Ministry ordered Daimler to recall 238,000 cars in Germany because of unauthorized defeat devices.

– Mercedes-Benz C-Class and models with diesel engines and a sports utility variant of the sedan were the main cars found to be at fault.

– Daimler has pledged to work on removing the software and to cooperate with authorities.»


German ministry says 774,000 Mercedes cars contain unauthorized software [Reuters]

«Germany’s Transport Ministry said on Monday that 774,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Europe had been found to contain unauthorized software defeat devices and ordered Daimler to recall more than 200,000 cars in Germany.»


German Government Orders Recall of 238,000 Mercedes Vehicles With Emissions-Cheating Software [Fortune]

«Emission test cheating “defeat devices” or software are illegal under European law, a lesson Volkswagen learned to the tune of $25 billion in fines, penalties, and restitution. Daimler also succumbed to the emissions cheating scandal in July 2017, ordering the recall of 3 million vehicles to fix excess emissions coming from their diesel engines»

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