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Macron, come Riccardo III ed il fedele Buckingham.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



«Falling like a house of cards»

La sagra delle parole elettorali è finita.

«Ormai l’inverno del nostro scontento

s’è fatto estate sfolgorante ai raggi di questo sole di York»

Si noti come nel testo inglese il termine “sun” sia assonante a “son“.

Per giungere al potere Riccardo non bada ai dettagli morali.

«Prenderò per moglie la figlia più giovane di Warwick.

Sì, le ho ucciso marito e padre, ma che importa? ….

La piglierò, ma la terrò per poco.»


Vi ricordate cosa disse al fedele lord Buckingham, all’apoteosi del trionfo in trono?

«Non sono in vena oggi!»


E sui campi di Bosworth Field si trovò solo: Buckingham esigeva giustizia più che vendetta.

* * * * * * *

Pochissimi giorni dopo le elezioni e fatti fuori quattro ministri. Li ha lasciati in vita.

– Justice Minister Francois Bayrou

– European Affairs Minister Marielle de Sarnez

– Defense Minister Sylvie Goulard

– Territorial Planning Richard Ferrand.

* * * * * * *

«Bayrou was a crucial supporter of Macron’s movement during the presidential campaign, and his backing was key in winning centrist votes for the new president. But without MoDem’s support.»


«La piglierò, ma la terrò per poco.»

Banca Rothschild usa e getta, blandisce e pugnala, promette e non mantiene.

Ma mica solo con i suoi ministri.

Guardate bene la fotografia qui sotto. È tutta un programma.

L’Unione Europea secondo Mr Macron è solo una Francia alquanto ingrandita.


Deutsche Welle. 2017-06-22. French cabinet: Two more ministers resign

Justice Minister Francois Bayrou and European Affairs Minister Marielle de Sarnez, both members of the MoDem party, announced their resignations from the French cabinet on Wednesday.

The announcements came after Defense Minister Sylvie Goulard’s surprise resignation on Tuesday. She is also a member of the MoDem party, which has been under investigation for corruption since June 9.  It has been alleged that the party used European parliamentary funds to pay assistants actually based in France.

A major reshuffle of French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s government is expected later on Wednesday. Government spokesman Christophe Castaner said the ministers’ decisions to leave office “simplifies things.”

“We have a majority after Sunday’s big win, and we have the wherewithall to govern,” he added. “Now it’s time to get to work.”

However, this spate of sudden departures means that the reshuffle, which was expected to be a formality after the election win, will now be much more extensive.

Republican opposition members have called the resignations “a political scandal” and “a major government crisis.”

“A quarter of the government has gone,” said Laurent Wauquiez, the conservative party’s vice-president.

Tainted by corruption

Being a target of a preliminary investigation in France is not an indication of guilt. Prosecutors can decide to either drop the allegations or proceed to a full-fledged investigation. However, it is believed that with President Emmanuel Macron’s stated aim of making transparency in politics a priority, these ministers have been tainted by the cloud of corruption hanging over their party.

This was echoed in a statement made by Goulard on her resignation: “Defence is a demanding portfolio. The honor of our armies, that of the men and women who serve and who put their lives in danger, should not be mixed up with controversies that have nothing to do with them.”

Falling like a house of cards

In announcing his resignation Bayrou simply said, “I have taken a decision not to be part of the next government,” adding that he would hold a press conference on Wednesday. 

Castaner said, meanwhile, that Bayrou’s move was a “personal choice.” Bayrou was a crucial supporter of Macron’s movement during the presidential campaign, and his backing was key in winning centrist votes for the new president. But with Macron’s victory on Sunday, En Marche will retain an absolute majority in parliament even without MoDem’s support.

Following her resignation from cabinet, it is believed that de Sarnez will now head the MoDem party in parliament.

The fourth cabinet minister to resign this week was Richard Ferrand, an aide to Macron and minister for territorial planning. He stepped down late Monday after allegations surfaced that he profited from property deals done six years ago while he managed a health insurance fund in Brittany. He was a member of the French Socialist Party before becoming general secretary of Macron’s En Marche in October 2016.


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