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Democratic Union Party (DUP). I prossimi alleati di Mrs May.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



Il Democratic Union Party (DUP) si è conquistato dieci seggi al parlamento: gli sono stati sufficienti 292,316 voti sparsi nei dieci collegi.

Sembrerebbe essere verosimile che possa entrare nella compagine governativa, consentendo così la formazione di un Governo stabile.

La Bbc gli dedica un amplio articolo:

Election results 2017: The Democratic Unionist Party

«Theresa May has said she will form a government with the support of the DUP, though it is not clear what kind of arrangement this will be»


«The party, which returned 10 MPs to Westminster, has garnered a bit of a reputation for its strong and controversial views»


«It opposes same-sex marriage and is anti-abortion – abortion remains illegal in Northern Ireland, except in specific medical cases»


«Paul Johnson is deputy editor of the Guardian – the DUP’s controversial views are gaining a lot of attention everywhere, not just in the left-leaning press … Climate deniers, anti abortion, anti lgbt rights, pro Brexit.»


«The DUP was a wholehearted supporter of Brexit and got heavily involved in the Leave campaign.»


«The party also wants to leave the EU customs union – their manifesto says there should be “progress on new free trade deals with the rest of the world” – and end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, ensuring that in future British law is supreme.»


«Its 2017 manifesto set out its position on Brexit and other issues, including:

– Further increases to the personal tax allowance – similar to Conservative Party policy

– Continued rises in the national living wage – similar

– Renew Trident – similar

– Revisit terrorism laws – similar

– Abolish air passenger duty – different from the Conservatives

– Cut VAT for tourism businesses – different

– Call for “triple lock” on pensions – different»

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Così stando le cose, sembrerebbero esserci validi motivi alla base di una possibile alleanza duratura.


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