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Parquet National Financier. La Anonima Omicidi del partito socialista francese.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



Tutte le grandi organizzazioni criminali hanno al soldo un congruo numero di killer professionisti.

Il partito socialista francese nel 2013 ha istituito il Parquet National Financier (Pnf), una sorta di superprocura che dovrebbe indagare sui grandi reati finanziari che minerebbero l’esistenza stessa della repubblica francese.

Scopo santo e nobile: ma i socialisti francesi, come tutti gli altri socialisti del resto, usano il Pfn per sopprimere i propri avversari politici tramite la persecuzione giudiziaria. Come i giacobini.

Francia. Dominique Strauss-Kahn e François Fillon. Vite parallele.

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«Le parquet national financier (PNF) est une institution judiciaire française créée en décembre 2013 et chargée de traquer la grande délinquance économique et financière. Depuis son installation, le 1er mars 2014, le Procureur de la République financier traite les affaires d’une grande complexité dont il a compétence sur tout le territoire français. ….

À la suite d’un scandale politico-financier mettant en cause Jérôme Cahuzac — ministre délégué chargé du Budget —, le Gouvernement français décide de doter l’institution judiciaire «d’instruments nouveaux permettant de faciliter la détection des infractions, de renforcer l’efficacité des poursuites et d’accroître le recouvrement des avoirs criminels qui en sont le produit.». L’objectif est de « lutter de manière déterminée contre toutes les formes de fraudes et d’atteintes à la probité portant atteinte tant à la solidarité nationale qu’à l’exemplarité de la République» ….

C’est dans le prolongement de cette politique de lutte contre les atteintes à la probité1 que le procureur de la République financier, à la tête du parquet national financier, est institué le 1er février 2014 par la loi organique du 6 décembre 2013 ainsi que la loi du même jour relative à la lutte contre la fraude fiscale et la grande délinquance économique et financière.

Éliane Houlette, ancienne avocate générale à la cour d’appel de Paris, est nommée procureur de la République financier le 30 janvier 2014. Lors de sa création, le parquet national financier hérite de certaines affaires en cours dans les juridictions interrégionales spécialisées (JIRS).

D’après la circulaire de politique pénale en date du 31 janvier 2014, le procureur de la République financier, qui fait appel à des services d’enquêtes dédiés, a vocation à travailler en particulier avec l’Office central de lutte contre la corruption et les infractions financières et fiscales (OCLCIFF) — qui « apparaît comme [son] interlocuteur naturel ».

Le 9 septembre 2014, lors de son audience d’installation, Jean-Michel Hayat — président du tribunal de grande instance (TGI) de Paris — annonce la création de la 32e chambre correctionnelle dédiée aux affaires traitées notamment par le PNF. Destinée à examiner les dossiers d’évasion fiscale d’ampleur, elle tient sa première audience le 2 février 2015, et doit siéger «sans discontinuer, chaque semaine», permettant au parquet de disposer de «plages d’audiencement immédiates»» [Parquet National Financier]


Parquet National Financier avrebbe per le mani quel fattaccio brutto dell’Airbus. Una frode stimabile tra i venticinque ed i cinquanta miliardi di denaro pubblico malversato.

Airbus to cooperate with France’s Parquet National Financier in preliminary investigation


Ma Parquet National Financier ha piantato lì tutte le indagine su quel caso, indagini che peraltro stava conducendo alla velocità con cui un condannato a morte corre verso il patibolo: gettando sabbia sul tutto.

Si è buttato corpo morto addosso a Mr Fillon.

«In an obscure office in an alley behind a Vietnamese restaurant near Paris’s opera house, a decision was taken on Jan. 25 that changed the course of the French election»


Un organo pubblico nominato, non eletto, ha un potere che supera quello del Presidente della Repubblica e dell’Assemblea Nazionale.

È sufficiente annunciare l’apertura di indagini per stroncare carriere e vite: Dominique Strauss-Kahn docet.

«The PNF is not politically motivated and is doing exactly what it was mandated to do, according to Jacky Coulon, the secretary general of a magistrates’ union.»

Beria assicura che le purge di Stalin erano opera filantropica ed il gulag luogo di villeggiatura. Pnf è un acronimo non molto simpatico in Italia.

Questa è la dittatura socialista.

→ Bloomberg. 2017-04-17. A Key French Election Player Isn’t Even Running for President

– Financial prosecutor has become household name in France

– Fillon popularity slid after prosecutor’s investigation began

In an obscure office in an alley behind a Vietnamese restaurant near Paris’s opera house, a decision was taken on Jan. 25 that changed the course of the French election.

It was on that chilly day that the Parquet National Financier, or PNF, as France’s financial prosecutor is known, opened a probe into the family finances of candidate Francois Fillon, then practically a shoo-in for the presidency. The PNF decided to pursue a report that had appeared that day in the satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaine alleging that Fillon’s wife had earned a public salary of about 600,000 euros ($637,000) over several years without actually doing a lot of work for it.

That action put the PNF in the middle of what has turned into one of the most tumultuous and unpredictable elections in recent French history. Not unlike the role played by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with its probe into the emails of U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the PNF’s investigation, the trickling out of many of its findings and Fillon’s being charged in mid-March with misuse of public funds, has left the judiciary playing an unprecedented part in the election.

“The PNF has been a major protagonist in the unfolding drama of this presidential election,” said Jim Shields, a professor of French politics at Aston University in Birmingham, England, who still noted that the Canard report was the biggest cause of Fillon’s woes. “Never before has such a process been played out and such a verdict delivered in the full glare of the media during a presidential campaign.”

Fillon, 63, went from a clear favorite to facing the possibility of being eliminated from the May 7 runoff. With less than a week to go before the first round of the vote, the French race remains wide open. The four top contenders — the far-right’s Marine Le Pen, centrist Emmanuel Macron, Republican Fillon and the Communist-backed Jean-Luc Melenchon — are all within striking distance of getting enough votes on April 23 to make it to the runoff in France’s two-stage election.

Spotlight on PNF

The investigation has also turned the spotlight on the PNF, which until now was far from a household name in France. In spite of the high-profile cases it has handled since its creation three years ago — such as the tax-fraud dossiers of UBS Group AG to HSBC Holdings Plc — few French people are aware of this arm of the judiciary.

“Most people didn’t even know the Parquet National Financier existed,” Pascal Jan, a law professor at Science Po Bordeaux, said in an interview.

The PNF was set up in 2014 after President Francois Hollande’s budget minister Jerome Cahuzac, tasked with cracking down on fiscal fraud, was forced to resign after a media report exposed how he was avoiding taxes with a secret Swiss account.

The head of the PNF, 64-year-old Eliane Houlette, has said her goal is to make the unit’s public enforcement action “homogeneous, visible and coherent” and internationally recognized.

Fillon Complains

Three years on, legal experts agree the PNF is making a name for itself outside of France. Its latest feat was to refuse last month a nine-figure offer from UBS to settle a tax-fraud case, leading investigators to order a trial that may leave the Swiss bank open to a fine of as much as 4.9 billion euros.

That reputation didn’t stop the Fillon camp from accusing the PNF of being politically motivated in going after him. Fillon has complained about the leaks in the press of the minutes of his questioning.

Prior to being charged, or “mis en examen” as the process is called in French, Fillon faced a steady stream of negative news. In addition to fresh revelations about the employment of two of his children as aides when he was serving in the French Senate, weekly Le Journal du Dimanche reported that Fillon supposedly received tailor-made suits worth about 50,000 euros as gifts.

Elements of the probe kept Fillon in the news and weighed on the popularity of the candidate who had campaigned on his image of irreproachable integrity. The investigation led to the defection of key supporters and an aborted attempt from rival Republicans to topple him.

‘Doing Its Job’

As the probe intensified, Fillon, who had first welcomed the investigation, saying it would put an end to the Canard’s unfounded accusations, soon went on the offensive. He said the speed with which the PNF proceeded was evidence it was part of a conspiracy to take him out of the presidential race.

The PNF is not politically motivated and is doing exactly what it was mandated to do, according to Jacky Coulon, the secretary general of a magistrates’ union.

“The PNF just did its job,” he said. “It certainly wasn’t its goal to make Fillon drop in poll ratings. It’s in the PNF’s DNA to go as fast as possible to get answers. Previously, these kinds of cases weren’t being dealt with in a reasonable time frame due to a lack of means.”

The PNF has been moving faster on cases in a country that has a track record for being slow. It took the financial prosecutor about the same time in the Fillon case — a day — as it did to begin an investigation into allegations a Panama law firm set up shell companies to help politicians and international criminals conceal their riches. The PNF was just as quick to open an investigation into possible tax avoidance by soccer stars, coaches and their managers following the publication of a leak across Europe.

Democratic Debate

Had Fillon withdrawn from the race, the PNF would have played a decisive role in bringing that about, Aston University’s Shields said. But Fillon is still in the race. If he is elected president, the case will be put on hold while he is in office.

“If he performs strongly and gets to the second round, the PNF’s role in hampering him for a time will be largely forgotten,” Shields said. “If he is beaten in the first round, we might expect his criticisms of over-zealous judges to resurface.”

While the quality of the debate suffered from the investigation taking up most of the media space, it could have been worse had the case gone slower, according to Science Po Bordeaux’s Jan. Fillon would likely still be facing a minute-by-minute press account of his legal woes and little would be said about the his platform, he said.

“Imagine if the probe had begun two weeks ago,” Jan said. “February would have become April and there would have be no debate whatsoever about the political issues.”


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