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Trump. Ha messo nel collimatore il Congressional Budget Office.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



Congressional Budget Office. Che mai era costui?

«Since 1975, CBO has produced independent analyses of budgetary and economic issues to support the Congressional budget process. Each year, the agency’s economists and budget analysts produce dozens of reports and hundreds of cost estimates for proposed legislation.

CBO is strictly nonpartisan; conducts objective, impartial analysis; and hires its employees solely on the basis of professional competence without regard to political affiliation. CBO does not make policy recommendations, and each report and cost estimate summarizes the methodology underlying the analysis. Learn more about CBO’s commitment to objectivity and transparency.

CBO’s work follows processes specified in the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 (which established the agency) or developed by the agency in concert with the House and Senate Budget Committees and the Congressional leadership.» [Congressional Budget Office]


«CBO’s collegial work environment and flat organizational structure foster collaboration and teamwork across divisions (and within divisions). For example, the analytic reports produced by analysts in several divisions rely on the economic projections prepared by the Macroeconomic Analysis Division and on the cost estimates and budget projections prepared by the Budget Analysis and Tax Analysis Divisions. Similarly, the budget projections and cost estimates prepared by the Budget Analysis and Tax Analysis Divisions draw on models and analyses produced by other divisions.

CBO’s staff numbers about 235. Most of those people are economists or public policy analysts with advanced degrees, but the agency also employs lawyers, information technology specialists, editors, and people with other areas of expertise that contribute to the agency’s mission.

Office of the Director

The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the president pro tempore of the Senate jointly appoint the CBO Director, after considering recommendations from the two Budget Committees. Directors are appointed for four-year terms, and they may be reappointed to the position; in addition, a Director serving at the expiration of a term may continue to serve until his or her successor is appointed. The Congressional Budget Act of 1974 specifies that CBO’s Director is to be chosen without regard to political affiliation. CBO has had nine Directors and several Acting Directors.» [Congressional Budget Office]


Il Congressional Budget Office ha 235 funzionari ed un budget di 46.8 milioni di dollari, ma gestisce anche altri fondi per commissionare ricerche per circa 500 milioni.


Adesso pensate a cosa avrebbe potuto sentenziare un tribunale indipendente formato nella sua interezza da giudici integralisti islamici con passato comprovato in Al Qaida, sotto la presidenza di Bin Laden.

Sono 235 fiori all’occhiello dei liberal democratici. Gente di fede comprovata e testata. È il fattorino gallonato del Democratic National Committee.

«independent analyses»?


«without regard to political affiliation»?


«Its mandate is to provide Congress with objective, nonpartisan and timely analysis»?


«CBO does not make policy recommendations»

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Adesso la musica è cambiata. Il partito democratico è riuscito a fare eleggere 194 / 435 deputati al Congresso e 46 / 100 senatori in Senato. Ha perso anche la Presidenza della Federazione. La musica non poteva non cambiare.

«US President Donald Trump’s aides have made an unusal attack on the credibility of the non-partisan agency»


«Republican lawmakers and aides to US President Donald Trump have dismissed an upcoming report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) due out this week»

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La via per la deobamizzazione degli Stati Uniti è lunga, faticosa e difficile.

Il risultato principale sarà, ad avviso dello scrivente, la scomparsa dell’ipocrisia per la quale si fonda un’agenzia formalmente indipendente, la si dota di personale partigiano e faziosamente di parte, la si dota di fondi pubblici, e si pretende anche che la gente si beva che le decisione di codesta agenzia siano “bipartisan” oppure ” independent”.

Deutsche Welle. 2017-03-13. US federal budget agency under fire from Trump administration over health care

US President Donald Trump’s aides have made an unusal attack on the credibility of the non-partisan agency that is to analyze the costs of replacing Obamacare. In the past, the CBO has been considered a neutral arbiter.


Republican lawmakers and aides to US President Donald Trump have dismissed an upcoming report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) due out this week.

The CBO report is expected to show that more Americans would be uninsured under the Republican plan to upend former Democratic President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

Obamacare has been repeatedly criticized by Trump who called it a “disaster” during his campaign and vowed to replace it.

Trump’s cabinet took to Sunday political talk shows to praise the Affordable Care Act’s replacement in its current form, and cast doubt on the credibility of the non-partisan CBO. 

“I love the folks at the CBO, they work really hard, they do, but sometimes we ask them to do stuff they’re not capable of doing, and estimating the impact of a bill of this size probably isn’t the – isn’t the best use of their time,” White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Gary Cohn, director of the White House National Economic Council, told “Fox News Sunday” that “they’ve said that many more people will be insured than are actually insured. But when we get the CBO score, we’ll deal with that.”

The CBO is is a federal agency set up in 1974 within the legislative branch. Its mandate is to provide Congress with objective, nonpartisan and timely analysis to aid in economic and budgetary decisions on a wide array of programs covered by the federal budget. 

Unusual dismissal

The criticism of the CBO from the Trump administration is unusual. Previous administrations, as well as many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, consider the CBO as a neutral arbiter.

Not all in Congress, even Republicans, are on board with the state of the current healthcare plan. Republican representative Jim Jordan from Ohio told “Fox News Sunday,” “I’m not for this plan and I think there’s a lot of opposition to this plan in the House and Senate.”

Mulvaney added on “This Week” that Trump was open to adapting new policies to the healthcare plan. “This is the framework,” Mulvaney said, referring to the current state of the plan. “This is the bill the president has looked at and said yes, this is what will work.”


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